Even More Halloween Pet Costumes

Even More Halloween Pet Costumes

We went through some crazy costume ideas for your dogs, cats, and lizards. But y’know, we weren’t quite finished. There’s a lot of other pets out there, and lots of cute, cool, and funny costume opportunities too. And while there may be an abundance of mainstream retailers offering Halloween pet costumes for the most popular four-legged critters. There’s still plenty of love out there for less-common pets. This time around, let’s get down and explore the creative outfits for pets you might not be thinking off.

Once again, we want to illustrate that every animal is different. And you should have a bond with your companion to know whether or not they’ll be comfortable in their costumes. Halloween should be fun for everyone involved, so don’t sacrifice your pet’s comfort just so you can get a cool picture on Instagram. With that being said, let’s get to the list!

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Bird Pet Costumes

When you think birds, you may not think there’s a lot to do in terms of costumes. And to that we say, get better thoughts. Seriously, don’t underestimate how creative bird costumes can be. As we’ve said before, the internet is a truly magical place, where anything for everything can be found if you look hard enough. So that means you don’t have to be limited DIY costumes. There are plenty of stylish hats, and even tiny birdie tuxedos floating around online shops.  

There are multiple ways you could incorporate your pet bird into the Halloween festivities, even without bird specific costumes. We mentioned last time about the hat options available for lizards and other reptilians. Well, we’re no experts, but we’re pretty sure those tiny hats could fit a bird too.

Pet Costumes   Picture from Bird Lovers Etsy page

Something as simple as a hat can make for a great pet-duo Halloween costume. For instance, if your sporting a detective or sheriff costume; adding a simple fedora or cowboy hat to your bird will make them your trusty deputy.

Pet Costumes

   Picture (and tuxedo) from Feather  Wear

Online retailers like Bird Lovers Outlet and Avian Fashions are making it a lot easier to find stylish, cool clothes for your feathered friends. They also produce pretty neat costumes for birds of all sizes. Like this super adorable tuxedo that’ll make any parrot look like a James Bond-Esq spy.

Pet Costumes Photo from Feather Wear

Here’s a costume idea! We all know the whole pirate with a parrot shtick.  If you’re lucky enough to have a feathered friend (doesn’t have to be a parrot, we won’t tell if you don’t), you could flip the script on this classical archetype by sporting a parrot costume while your parrot sports a pirate costume this Halloween.

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Guinea Pig Pet Costumes

Those smaller furry critters like hamster and guinea pigs can get in on the Halloween fun too. And you if search around the web long enough, you may be delighted to find some pretty cool and unique costumes.

One of the cutest trends we’ve come across in Caviidae costumes are these slip-on, dress-like garments. Similar to the bearded dragon costumes we talked about last time, only these are a little easier to put on.


Pet CostumesPhoto from PetSmart

Take a look at this absolutely adorable mermaid costume from Thrills and Chills. Besides being cute, the design of the costume is pretty well detailed. The choice to have individual scales as opposed to having them printed on is a really nice touch.

Another slip-on we came across and fell in love with was this adorable Pikachu outfit from Cuddly Cavies.

Pet Costumes Photo from Cuddly Cavies

You’ll be surprised at the number of small, independent pet costume makers you can find on the web. A lot of these costumes are also handmade, which adds a definite charm to how their look and feel. Plus, you have the added benefit of helping someone fulfill their passion when you buy pet costumes from Etsy pages, and the like.


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Rabbit Pet Costumes 

While it may not seem like it at first glance, guinea pigs and rabbits share quite a bit of similarities. At least as far as physical attributes like size goes. Many costumes that are for guinea pigs can also work for rabbits. And many of the the hobbyist who create garments for these two animals will list their products as eligible attire for both.  

That being said, you’ll still find rabbit specific costumes floating around the internet. We found some pretty neat rabbit costumes at Harus Art Studio.

Pet Costumes Photo from Harus Art Studio

If you thought that Pikachu guinea pig was adorable, you’ll absolutely love this pokemon trainer rabbit outfit. If you happen to have both guinea pig and rabbit, you could do an awesome trainer-pokemon duo outfit.

We hope you had as fun looking at these cool costumes as we had finding them. Know any other non-traditional pets that have cool, creative costumes, or know anyone making really cool pet costumes? Let us know on social media!

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