Awesome Halloween Pet Costume Ideas You Could Try!

Awesome Halloween Pet Costume Ideas You Could Try!

Okay, we’ve all seen someone in a cat or dog costume for Halloween. They’re pretty much staples as far as Halloween costumes go. But, how about dressing up your dog, or cat for Halloween in people costumes? On top of all that they add to your life experience, having pets can really add to your whole Halloween experience too. And thanks to the internet, you could find plenty of outlets to buy the perfect fit for your furry, or scaley companion. You could even go the D.I.Y. route and find some tutorials and make your own Halloween pet costume. We’ve done some digging, and here are just a few ideas for some awesome critter costumes. 

Before we start listing off all the cute, cool, and creepy costumes we found; let’s make a couple of things clear.  First off, you should respect your pets agency. By that we mean, while it may look cute to put your dog in a lizard suit, you better make sure that they’re actually comfortable with you doing that, it’s not that hard to sense discomfort in your critters eyes and actions. Secondly, keep in mind that your pet’s costume is the right size, we can’t imagine anything worse for our friends than being in tight, unnecessary clothing for hours upon hours just so we can get funny pictures for our Facebook timelines. Remember, this is supposed to be fun for everyone involved, so don’t ruin it by making your little companion uncomfortable.

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Halloween Pet Costume Ideas

Dog Costumes 

While there are many dog costumes out there, we’d like to think you wanna be more creative than putting your wiener dog in a hotdog costume. Although, it’s still pretty cute to see a hot dog-dog. Regardless, the dog-costume-game has been shaken up in the past decade or so by likes of retailers such as California CostumesChewy, and good o’le Halloween Costumes. They’ve got everything from adorable Einstein’s too holy hounds, to stuff you wouldn’t even think of.

If you’re trying to be really surreal, you could do the reverse of a dog costume and put your dog in a people costume. Yes, it sounds kind of tacky, and it totally is, but so what. You can’t deny the adorability of seeing a dog in a suit. Or the incredible hilarity of seeing a dog in a “sexy” costume, and before you ask; yes, those absolutely exists (see below).


Halloween Pet CostumePhoto from LED christmas lighting

Speaking of Dogs in suits, take a look at this little pup. He looks ready to get to some doggy business. Maybe an important meeting regarding the ownership of the fire hydrant on the corner.

Halloween Pet Costume
Sadly (or not), California Costumes has discontinued this Monroe-ESQ doggie costume

Okay, so maybe you’re some person who’ll get a kick out of seeing your dog with a superimposed bosom, and that’s great. Cause we’re definitely those type of people too.

Most dog costumes fly under the category of either funny, cutesy, or in the case of the “sexy” costumes; weird and creepy. But, these bug costumes can make your pooch look straight up scary.

Photo from

Take a look at this frightening scorpion costume, which we’re pretty sure you could do a great scare-prank with. If you do, we’d love to see it!

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Kitty Costumes

Cats may just be the hardest animals to dress up in a costume. Since they tend to like being left alone, and probably don’t want you touching them in the first place since they didn’t grant you permission to dress them. Needless to say, that doesn’t stop cat-lovers from dressing up their feline’s in the finest costumes. And since the internet just adores cats, you can just imagine the abundance of options you’ll have for finding the purrfect Halloween pet costume.

Websites like Meowingtons offer a cavalcade of creative costume for cat connoisseurs. Here’s a look at just some cute, funny, and just plain weird kitty costumes that surface the web.

Image from

Cats tend to move around like royalty, don’t they? Well, it might just be embedded in their DNA. Here’s a little factoid; the ancient Egyptian society held cats in very high esteem.  They were regarded as regal and we’re often idolized and pampered. You might be hard-pressed to find a really good ancient Egyptian cat costume in stores. But there’s nothing stopping you from doing a DIY costume and having a little Cleo-cat-tra of your own.   

Image from Amazon

Image from Meowingtons

These absolutely adorable sheriff and pirate costumes are some of the cutest of the people-costume varieties. The tiny little arms add a nice touch too.

Lizard Halloween Pet Costume Ideas

Hey, it isn’t just the four-legged furry critters that get to have in on all the fun, we gotta show some love to our slippery scaly friends too. Lizards are such a misunderstood pet, they’re just as cuddly as your most playful dog, and you’ll find petting them to be an experience like no other. If you’re lucky enough to house a beautiful lizard, you’d be doing your scaly friend a disservice if you didn’t tag them along for the costume shenanigans. You’d also be missing out on a whole lot of fun yourself. Since they’re so many awesome reptilian costumes out there. 

Image from PamperedBeardies

There’s plenty of fun ways to dress up your lizard. One of the most used and, let’s be honest, easiest methods of incorporating your scaly companion into the Halloween madness is with hats. Lizards look sooo cute with hats on, and you don’t even necessarily have to buy a lizard specific hat. We’re pretty sure there’s a few toys and figurines out there with hats that will work just as fine. But still, they’re plenty of online retailers who can supply you with excellent apparel for your reptiles cranium.

Image from PamperedBeardies

But while hats are the go too, they most certainly aren’t the only costumes out there. Again, thanks to the internet you can find super cute slip-on costumes for you reptilian companions. Take a look as this too cute to be cool shark costume above. Or this super cool bat-wing costume below.

Have any cool Halloween pet costume ideas of your own? Great! We’d love to hear what creative costume you’re planning for your best buddy. Let us know on Facebook and Twitter, and if you have some awesome costume pet pics, share them with us on Instagram.

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